Vision, Values and Mission

Promoting the best outcomes for people with breast disease in Australia and New Zealand through excellence in surgical care.


Excellence, Quality Assurance and Collaboration in:

  • Patient centered care
  • Education and training
  • Reducing the impact of breast disease in partnership with the community

Mission and purpose

The Society aims to guide the delivery of education and training in Breast Surgery and to advocate for strategies for the implementation of breast cancer education, research, management and prevention.


The inaugural Executive Committee of the BreastSurgANZ comprised eight members. A further two were elected at the 2007 AGM, and two in 2008, bringing the total Board to twelve. Full BreastSurgANZ members elect representatives to the Executive Committee, which elects its own office bearers. Executive Committee members serve for terms of three years.

The maximum length of service on the Executive Committee is nine years (three terms), while the President serves for one term. Members may stand for re-election after one term off the Executive Committee but cannot be re-elected to the Presidency.

Nominations for executive committee membership are called for 6 weeks before the AGM but the executive welcomes expressions of interest from the members at any time.

The Articles of Association (2017)  of the BreastSurgANZ of Australia and New Zealand (To be posted once approved by the regulator)

Strategic Plan

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