PFT recommendations

Range of experience
Guidelines for the minimum experience PFTs should achieve during training (as primary operator)

  • mastectomy - minimum 15 cases
  • skin sparing mastectomy 5 cases
  • needle localization / ROLL / segmental mastectomy/biopsy - minimum 15 cases
  • segmental mastectomy/wide local excision for malignancy - minimum 25 cases
  • axillary dissection - minimum 20 cases
  • sentinel node biopsy - minimum 30 cases
  • benign breast disease -minimum 25 cases
  • Reconstructive procedures observe minimum 7 (not as primary operator)
  • microdochectomy - minimum 5 cases
  • attendance at a BreastScreen Assessment Clinic - minimum 10
  • attendance at multidisciplinary team meetings - minimum 20
  • Completion of an accredited ultrasound course – preference for initiation of a Certificate in
  • Clinician Performed Ultrasound (CCPU) with the Australasian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM)
  • Completion of an accredited communications workshop

Supervisors responsibilities

  • All fellowship positions be registered with BreastSurgANZ PFT Committee
  • All fellowship positions should have a description on the BreastSurgANZ website
  • All supervisors should provide feedback on their fellow’s progress each 6 months
  • Supervisors should report problems with progress of their fellow to the BreastSurgANZ PFT committee

Training Fellow’s responsibilities

  • All fellows should register with BreastSurgANZ PFT Committee
  • Fellows should diligently complete all reasonable tasks set by supervisor and other supervising surgeons
  • Completion of a log book of experience similar to during SET advanced training
  • Review of log book quarterly by supervisor and 6 monthly submission to BreastSurgANZ PFT committee
  • Attendance at organized recommended bi-national training sessions is compulsory
  • Undertaking at least one research project which is presented at a national or international meeting or published in a peer reviewed journal
  • Adequate mixture of experience as suggested by guidelines in section 2a. (Range of Experience)

2018 BreastSurgANZ Post Fellowship Training (PFT) Committee_Terms of Reference

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